Katherine LeGrand - Aspen Jewelry Designer


our story


Our story is one of romance, gems, and adventure...

Founded and run by Rosie Whipple-Andrews and her husband Ross Andrews, Katherine LeGrand Custom Goldsmith has roots beginning when Rosie and Ross met in Aspen, Colorado. Colliding there in 2004, Rosie and Ross’s relationship started with adventures and dancing, quickly turning into a whirlwind romance that was an enchanting combination of artistic forces.

Rosie was born in California and raised with a unique childhood that encouraged her to dream big. She knew from an early age she had a passion and desire for design. As an adult, while working for a boutique fashion designer in Virginia Beach, she met many who would coax her to move to Aspen and broaden her horizons. She eventually did just that, and Aspen was love at first sight for this designer, in more ways than one.

Colorado native Ross found goldsmithing as a means to pay his college tuition. He made jewelry out of his Volkswagen Bus and traveled around in the summer to raise funds. This necessity quickly became a passion, and Ross became a master goldsmith with a passion for working with raw metal. He opened his first store in Del Mar, CA and later returned home to the mountains, opening his Aspen store in 1981. Years later, he too stumbled upon love in Aspen.

Rosie and Ross began a budding relationship filled with fun and adventure, marrying in 2009. Since then, their greatest endeavor has been through inspiring each other in design, business, and life. Rosie started working hand in hand with Ross early on, learning about jewelry, gems, and the artistic construction of jewelry. Rosie gradually took over the custom design side of the store operations and became a sought out designer in her own right.

In 2015, Rosie took on her own venture and debuted her new line, Katherine LeGrand. A year later, she opened her first store exclusively for Katherine LeGrand Custom Goldsmith collections. She looks forward to continuing Ross’ foundations of great service and craftsmanship with her own unique style and design aesthetic.